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Walking Boots:
Walking boots designed for post-operative procedures, wound care, trauma, and foot fractures. Offers support and stability to help promote fracture healing as well as compression to help reduce pain caused by edema. Boots that provide immobilization and boots that promote range of motion and natural gait. Select a product from the list below for more detailed information.

- Walkers:
MaxTrax Air Ankle Walker
MaxTrax Air ROM Walker
MaxTrax Air Walker
MaxTrax Ankle Walker
MaxTrax ROM Ankle Walker
MaxTrax ROM Walker
MaxTrax Walker
Nextep Contour 2 Walker
- UFO's:
UFO - Adult UFO - Pediatric
- Trauma & Wound Care:
All Purpose Boot
MedSurg Shoe
Ultra Off-Loading Shoe
SlimLine Cast Boot
Pediatric SlimLine Cast Boot
Body Armor Night Splint
PegAssist Insole