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Anterior Thoracic Extension (ATE) Accessories:
Orthomerica’s new modular Anterior Thoracic Extension (ATE) interfaces seamlessly with the industry leading California® Soft Spinal System, Cosmic™, Airback® and our other prefabricated spinal modules. It also easily attaches to custom bi-valve LSOs or TLSOs.

• Promotes thoracic extension
• Anatomically designed to make total contact in the pectoral grooves
• Dual sliding height adjustments allow separate positioning of the pectoral pad placement and distal attachment point
• Patient controlled shoulder extension improves compliance and tolerance
• Shoulder straps facilitate thoracic extension
• No discomfort over the sternum and lightweight
• Contourable slotted bar made from 3⁄16" aluminum
• Complete attachment plate assembly included as a kit for your custom applications
• Attachment base provides strong fixation without bulk
• Height adjustments are simple using a Phillips screwdriver
• Proximal component shape allows easy contouring for a precise fit without affecting the slotted adjustment bar

Product Description P/N
Lower Spine Anterior Thoracic Extension: Standard 2013

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