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Lower Spine:
Lower spine products that simplify the fitting process with universal and adjustable orthoses that help reduce inventory. Indications may include post-operative hip or lower back procedures, inoperable lower spine disorders, and reinforcing hip precautions. Comfort, support, stability, range of motion, motion restriction, and pain relief are just a few of the qualities that our lower spine products offer. Select a product from the list below for more detailed information.

- Vista:
Vista 464 TLSO
Vista 627 Lumbar
Vista 631 LSO LoPro
Vista 637 LSO
- Horizon:
Horizon 456 TLSO
Horizon 627 Lumbar
Horizon 631 LSO
Horizon 637 LSO
- Newport:
Newport 4 Pelvic
Newport 4 Thigh
Newport 4 Universal Thigh
Newport lite
Virtual 5 Hip Joint
Virtual Hip Joint
- Contour Bracing:
Contour LSO
Contour TLSO
QuikDraw RAP
SUMMiT 456
SUMMiT 631
SUMMiT 637
- California:
California Low Profile
California Mid Profile
California ECO
Kydex Chairback
ATE Accessories