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The need for quality instruments, superior customer service, and value are important requirements for an instrument company in today’s changing marketplace. Performance O.R. instruments are exceptional because we focus on these three areas:
Quality - German-made instruments are the industry “Gold” standard for precision, reliability, durability, consistency and value. In the disciplines of orthopedics and spinal surgery, these instrument characteristics are essential. Our instruments are retracting, securing, sculpting, dissecting, holding, cutting or excising bone (or tissue). In order to perform well under these circumstances, Performance O.R. is committed to the very best quality instruments for the surgeon and staff of the operating room.
Customer Service - We know how important flexibility, friendliness, transparency, response, quality control and a “sense of urgency” is to our customers. We encourage a direct link to purchasers of our instruments. We will strive to provide the best communication to our customer regarding placing orders, availability, order status, delivery and freight costs. We have made sure our systems (returns, warranty, quality assurance, etc.) are focused on working easily for the customer because you are our primary concern.
Value - Performance O.R. Instruments must provide value to our customers through: quality instruments which last longer, knowledge of the instrument industry and process, commitment to keep our costs low and competitive prices.
These three core principles represent our commitment to provide our customers with honest, timely and accurate service and to provide products which improve health and help heal.

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