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ROM Plus:
ROM Plus Fetal Membranes Rupture Test is a rapid, qualitative test for the in vitro detection of amniotic fluid in vaginal secretions of pregnant women. It utilizes a combination of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to detect alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and placental protein 12 (PP12, or insulin growth factor binding protein-1) found in amniotic fluid. Housed in a convenient test cassette, ROM Plus quickly and accurately provides test results essential to optimizing perinatal outcomes.

• Two protein markers in order to test for both AFP and PP12 which improves diagnostic accuracy
• Latest in lateral flow test strip technology makes performing the test and reading results easy
• Use at prescription point-of-care sites which produces immediate results
• Cassette contains test strip, built-in timer and patient ID tracker for convenience, portability and quality control
• With every cassette, a built in timer provides convenient indication of time for each test
• A spill resistant vial prevent spills which enables a clean test procedure and reduces potential for re-sampling, while keeping the swab tip in the vial which reduces mess
Product Description Qty P/N
ROM Plus ROM Plus Fetal Membrane Rupture Test
  • A complete test kit containing one test cassette (with test
    strip, timer and patient ID field), one vial with buffer solution,
    and one sterile vaginal swab
ROM Plus Quality Control Test
  • A quality control test kit containing one positive sample vial and
    one negative sample vial (sample test cassettes not provided)





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