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Omni with Traction Force Indicator:
The Traction Force Indicator measures the force exerted during traction. It allows the operator to correlate tactile sensation of traction force with a visual scale, especially valuable for training and documentation purposes. The Kiwi OmniCup with Traction Force Indicator is a complete vacuum-assisted fetal delivery device designed for use in all fetal head positions – occiput anterior (OA), occiput posterior (OP) and occiput transverse (OT) – and cesarean section procedures. Its flexible stem and low-profile cup enable placement over the flexion point, 3 cm forward of the posterior fontanelle along the sagittal suture, so that the smallest diameters of the fetal head are presented to the birth canal.
Product Description Qty P/N
Kiwi Omni with Traction Force Indicator 5/bx VAC-6000MT

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