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Omni-C Cup:
The Omni-C Cup’s two finger grooves improve the cup grip and facilitate proper placement over the flexion point. Utilizing a baffle filter on the inside top of the Kiwi Omni-C helps to adequately disperse the vacuum. In addition, the Omni-C Cup is ideal for failed vaginal deliveries when the fetal head has partially descended into birth canal and an emergency c-section is indicated. The Omni-C Cup’s low profile facilitates ease of insertion, decreases the likelihood for traumatic or deliberate extensions of the uterine incision, and provides the highest degree of maneuverability within the confined space of the lower uterine segment.
Product Description Qty P/N
Kiwi Kiwi Omni-C Cup for C-Section 5/bx VAC-6000C

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